About the movie

What do you see in my movie?

There also is a treasure chest in your life! There is your name on it. The treasure inside is my gift to you.

You wonder what this gift could be? It is life! I want to give you life, life in abundance! Love, joy, peace ... and even more!

My enemy made it his business to distract you from that treasure. He doesn't want you to open that chest. It hurts to see how he lies to you day by day.

But he can only go as far as you let him. With my help you can overcome him and live in freedom. Come to me, open the treasure chest, unwrap your present from me, I want to come close to you, for you to accept my gift to you! I am waiting for you with arms wide open and would like to spend eternity with you. I love you.

You might not know what this cross is about and its meaning, but I want to show it to you. I have something really great and indescribably precious ready for you. I won't force myself upon you. You decide for yourself, whether you want my present or not. That is a decision you must make for yourself alone, I cannot make it for you.

Did you ever wonder where you come from and where your life will lead you to? What the meaning of life is? I have the answers for you. Please don't let yourself get distracted from asking me these questions. Don't hesitate a moment longer. You are precious. But my enemy wants to separate you and me forever.

Many have already taken this step and you can go to them with your questions. For now, I recommend that you write to adresse . They will gladly help you.

Open your eyes! Don't let the enemy make you BLIND! I want to give you life in abundance and I want to care for you always.

I am waiting for you.

PS: You can read a lot of important things in the Book, that I wrote for you.

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